3 month signature program


Individual work with
3 Month Functional Nutrition Coaching Program
Lifestyle change
Healthy Nutrition Basics
2 60-minutes sessions per month
Bio-individual approach
  • Lifestyle change
  • Healthy Nutrition Basics
  • 2 60-minutes sessions per month
  • Bio-individual approach
This program focuses on building a lifestyle that will lead to long-term physical and mental health.
I will guide you to the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you. I will also help you implement incremental, lifelong changes that will enable you to achieve your current and future health goals.
This program is for you if you
Dream of getting rid of the problem that you have been dealing with for several years (acne, PCOS, PMS, amenorrhea, endometriosis, hypothyroidism, thrush)
Want to improve digestion, get rid of bloating, meet nutritional deficites.
Want to know which products are right for you
Feel confused with the theories and advices about healthy eating and lifestyle
Want to have more energy and get rid of irritability
Want to set the right goals and be able to achieve them by following your values.
Your life won't change until you change what you do every day. The key to success lies in your daily rituals.
— John Maxwell
What will we be working on?
  • Protocol

    We'll build a meal plan to achieve your goals. We will analyse your current condition & body systems in detail and select a nutrition and supplementation protocol that is right for you.
  • Aspects of life
    Healthy relationships, successful careers, regular physical activity, self-love are the main forms of nutrition. We will analyze every aspect of your life and I will help you balance them.
  • Bad foods and habits
    We will displace unhealthy foods from the diet. By identifying products and habits that are ideal and healthy for you personally, there will be less room and desire for harmful thing
  • Cravings
    We will work on deconstruction of cravings. I will teach you to identify what your body wants to say when you are drawn to something. Thus, a sense of balance and harmony will be restored.
You will become self-confident and will feel great in your body.
As a result of "The Eatness Project"
you will learn
To adjust your diet according to your goals by yourself
To cook for yourself, family and friends with pleasure using healthy nutritious ingredients
Maintain balance in all aspects of life and be happy
Wake up with a smile and positive energy for the whole day
You will know exactly what and when you eat.
You will relax, shine from within and attract right people.
How will the work go?
Analysis of the current state
Detailed analysis of your history and all areas of your life.
Analysis of your habits and lifestyle.
Analysis of the diet
Analysis of the current and total diet
Analysis of the diets you have been on.
Identification of trigger products.
Blood test analysis
Analysis of your tests of the last six months.
Determination of deficits and possible diseases.
Design of an individual meal plan.
Goal setting
Setting long-term and short-term goals.
Drawing up a change implementation plan.
Implementation of changes step by step
6 hours of one-on-one sessions.
Implementation of steps leading to the main goal under my supervision.
Accompanying materials
WhatsApp support between sessions.
Simple Healthy Recipes.
Handouts tailored to your needs and goals.
Payment Options
It is possible to pay the entire amount at once, or in 2-3 installments
800 €
Single Payment
of 800 €
900 €
Double Payment
2 tranches of 450 €
990 €
Triple payment
3 transhes of 330 €