Integrative Consultation

Before the consultation, you fill out a questionnaire, a food diary and send you recent laboratory tests if you have any. You may receive additional questions. From the collected data, I conduct diagnostics.
90-120 min consultation
Discussion of diagnostic results and your main request.

Detailed survey on each body system.

Coordination of a step-by-step strategy for 2 months,
taking into account your preferences and capabilities.

Consultation is carried out via Skype/Zoom/Whatsapp
From the results of diagnostics and consultation, you receive a file with a clearly described step-by-step strategy for 2 months. It includes a bio-individual meal plan, supplements intake schedule, workout plan, lifestyle recommendations.
If you have chosen a package of 2 or 3 consultations, we will conduct a second consultation 2.5 months after the main consultation. We'll analyse the dynamics of progress in terms of tests, symptoms and wellbeing. We'll discuss a discussing a new strategy. As a result, you'll get updated advice on nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle.
Single Consultation
Personal step-by-step strategy

1 video consultation

Email/whatsapp support for 2 weeks after consultation
150 €
Package of 3
  • Personal step-by-step strategy
  • 3 video consultations
  • Tests checkup of tests after 2 and 4 months of work
  • Correction of the current strategy
  • Email/whatsapp support for 2 weeks after each consultation
330 €